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Find the perfect Plantronics headset for your business here at Super Tech Supplies.


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A good pair of headsets are ideal to  make the communication between you and your clients crystal clear. Thats is why have the right one for you can make a transaction run smoothly and make you hear your client clearly. 

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Plantronics is an American electronics company which produces equipment for the audio communications between individuals . It has a variety of subcategories , which include, for gaming, music and for mobile use. 

Plantronics has over 55 years in the market and is currently found between Forbes 100 company,  since its creation in 1961 the company has come a long way  even buying Polycom in 2018 and much is set to come.

Browse through some of our Plantronics headset and find the one that works best for you, guaranteeing a clear and precise audio communication one call at a  time.

PLANTRONICS W710 Dect Headset, Part# Dect Headset


PLANTRONICS W710 This is a Dect Headset that has a wireless freedom up to 350-Feet from your desk, a one-touch call answer/end, vol +/-, mute & flash controls across devices, a one intelligent headset to manage PC, mobile and desk phone calls and a noise-cancelling microphone filters out background noise.

PLANTRONICS W710  Dect Headset, Part No#  Dect Headset

PLANTRONICS HW261N Binaural Headset, Part# 64339-31


PLANTRONICS HW261N This is a Binaural Headset that enhanced receive-side audio quality, intelligent flexible boom and provides a stylish design for greater headset flexibility. This must be used with Plantronics USB-to-headset adapter or headset amplifier.

PLANTRONICS  HW261N Binaural Headset, Part No# 64339-31

PLANTRONICS H81 CIS Headset, Part# 65653-01


PLANTRONICS H81 This is a TriStar Voice Tube Headset for Cisco Phones - 7940 7960 and 7970 Series. The headset has a user-selectable earbuds and an adjustable receiver arm with it's one-half ounce weight, it is a pleasure to wear.


  • Monaural Earbud style headset
  • Four sizes of user-selectable earbuds
  • Unique three-point fit
  • Weighs less than half an ounce
  • Quick Disconnect feature allows you to walk away from the phone while still wearing your headset

PLANTRONICS H81 CIS Headset, Part No# 65653-01

PLANTRONICS H141N Duoset Headset, Part# 45273-01


PLANTRONICS H141N This is a Duoset Headset that provides over-the-head stability with adjustable headband or over-the-ear convenience with three different-sized ear hooks. The headset requires a Vista M22 headset amplifier/adapter.

PLANTRONICS HW261 SupraPlus Headset, Part# 64337-31


PLANTRONICS HW261 This is a SupraPlus Headset which is lightweight, binaural headsets and supports all Plantronics amplifiers and USB-to-headset adapters. This also rovides a premium audio that ensures quality customer communications and a qick Disconnect feature. The wideband audio has natural sound with wideband telephones.

PLANTRONICS HW261 SupraPlus Headset, Part No# 64337-31

PLANTRONICS CS50 Wireless Headset, Part# 63120-20


PLANTRONICS CS50 This is a Wireless Headset that has a multiple Wearing Options that provides an eight hours of talk time and the wireless convenience to roam up to 300 feet with secure conversations. The CS50's integrated IntelliStand makes wireless mobility as easy as answering the phone-pick up the headset and you pick up the call.

PLANTRONICS CS50 Wireless Headset, Part No# 63120-20

PLANTRONICS BLACKWIRE C520 Binaural/Stereo Headset, Part# 88861-01


PLANTRONICS BLACKWIRE C520 This is a Binaural/Stereo Headset that has a Smart Sensor Technology that detects when the headset is put on. This headset has an ultra-soft leatherette ear cushions, a comfortable pad covers ont eh headset for all day wearing. The ear cushions block out background noise so you hear better.

PLANTRONICS BLACKWIRE C520 Binaural/Stereo Headset, Part No# 88861-01

PLANTRONICS PTH 200 Spectralink Tristar Headset, Part# 61935-11


PLANTRONICS PTH 200 This is a spectralink Tristar Headset that has a special shielding in the cord mitigates a buzz sound which would otherwise occur with a standard Plantronics headset. 

PLANTRONICS H261H Binaural Headset - Hearing Aid Supported, Part# 87129-01


PLANTRONICS H261H This is a Binaural Headset with Hearing Aid Supported that has an intelligent flexiboom microphone and stylish, modern design which offers a greater audio accuracy and headset flexibility to the user. The Binaural headset is compatible with all Plantronics amplifiers, USB-to-headset adapters, headset-ready phones and agent consoles.

PLANTRONICS MS260-1 Aviation Headset, Part# 92391-01


PLANTRONICS MS260-1 This is an aviation Headset that has a noise-canceling microphones enable clear, uninterrupted communications between air and ground.


  • Clear voice transmission between commercial pilots and Air Traffic Control with noise-canceling microphones
  • Clear voice transmission between commercial pilots and Air Traffic Control
  • Hear every word clearly through superior audio quality
  • Customized fit for your needs—choose from a variety of wearing styles
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day - on long hauls or short hops
  • Reliable and durable commercial aviation headsets from a company with over 40 years of experience
  • Conveniently portable and easily stowed due to a lightweight, compact design
  • Commercial aviation headsets that meet all the rigorous standards required for mission-critical applications
  • Quality you can trust from an FAA approved headset manufacturer

PLANTRONICS MS260-1 Aviation Headset, Part No# 92391-01

PLANTRONICS MX250 Mobile Headset - Black, Part# 72253-01


PLANTRONICS MX250 This is a Mobile black Headset that has a flex Grip design secures the headset on your ear comfortably, a pivoting boom keeps the headset the right distance from your mouth, a tuned volume and can easily be placed with one hand. It uses a standard 2.5mm headset jack making it compatible for any mobile phones.

PLANTRONICS MX250 Mobile Headset - Black, Part No# 72253-01

PLANTRONICS .AUDIO 400DSP Stereo Headset, Part# 76921-11


PLANTRONICS .AUDIO 400DSP this is a foldable Stereo Headset that provides a full-range stereo sound. This computer headset has an Over-The-Head Binaural USB with Digital Signal Processing. IT's USB port can bypass the computer's analog sound card entirely providing a cleaner and stronger signal.


  • Inherently better signal
  • Easily modified and customized audio data is in digital form
  • Easier Installation and configuration on digital headset
  • Inline, push-button volume level and mute controls

PLANTRONICS .AUDIO 400DSP Stereo Headset, Part No# 76921-11

PLANTRONICS H41N Mirage Noise-Canceling Headset, Part# 26851-02


PLANTRONICS H41N This is a Mirage Noise-Canceling Headset for crystal clarity, has asecure On-the-Ear fit for added comfort, an adjustable boom microphone for perfect placement and also convenient for Quick Disconnection of cord that allows you to unplug your headset on the fly.

PLANTRONICS H41N Mirage Noise-Canceling Headset, Part No# 26851-02

PLANTRONICS BLACKWIRE C510-M USB Headset, Black, Part# 88860-02


PLANTRONICS BLACKWIRE C510-M This is a Black USB Headset with smart Sensor technology intuitively helps you manage PC calls. This headset has an ultra-soft leatherette ear cushions and a lightweight headband let you enjoy all-day comfort and a secure fit. The USB headset is optimized for Microsoft Lync and Microsoft OCS 2007. It has a one-touch call answer/end, volume up/down and mute functions.

PLANTRONICS MS200 Commercial Aviation Headset, Part# 92382-01


PLANTRONICS MS200 This is a commercial Aviation Headset which is used for rigorous demands of commercial aviation that has a built-in noise-canceling microphone provides unmatched audio quality on both ends.


  • Noise-canceling microphone delivers superior audio clarityhttps://www.supertechsupplies.com/search.php?searc...
  • 5 foot cord includes your choice of a PJ055 and PJ068 plug or connectors for Airbus aircraft
  • Lightweight, under-the-ear design delivers all-day wearing comfort for those long trips
  • Compact design allows for headset to be easily stowed away when not in use
  • FAA approved
  • Includes headset, carrying case and user guide

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