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Keep your home and business safe this season with our top surveillance cameras


The holidays are just around the corner and concerns with leaving your home and work alone start growing. Most people admit to having doubts of how safe their home or workplace are when they aren't around and leaving for a significant amount of time make these feelings grow. Well, here at Super Tech Supplies we offer you a solution to making you feel safer and more relax with leaving your home. With our great variety of high-tech surveillance cameras we assure you your premises will be safer and you will be able to keep an eye on your home or business with just one click by linking your camera to a safety app. Making you feel calmer and allowing you to enjoy your vacation!

So feel a sign of relief and browse through our collection of high-tech cameras

Hikvision keeps security on top priority. With over 15 years of experience Hikvision offers a variety of cameras to keep your home or office safe and under surveillance 24/7.With top of the notch cameras Hikivision guarantees safety, commodity and high quality products . These are some of the many features offered in most of Hikvision cameras :

  • Motion detection
  • Tampering alarm, network disconnect,
  • IP address conflict, storage exception
  • Line crossing detection, intrusion detection,
  • Region entrance, region exiting,
  • Unattended baggage, object removal
  • Target cropping support


-Hikvision DS-2DE5184-AE3, Part# DS-2DE5184-AE3


-Hikvision DS-2DF5276-AE3 1.3MP PTZ Dome Indoor Network Camera, Part# DS-2DF5276-AE3


-Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I 3MP 12mm IR Bullet Network Camera, Part# DS-2CD2032-I


-Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I 3MP EXIR Turret Network Camera 2.8mm, Part# DS-2CD2332-I


-Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I 3MP EXIR Turret Network Camera 12mm, Part# DS-2CD2332-I


-Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I 3MP EXIR Turret Network Camera 6mm, Part# DS-2CD2332-I


-Hikvision DS-2CD2512F-IWS 1.3MP 6mm Mini Dome Network Camera, Part# DS-2CD2512F-I


-Hikvision DS-2CD2512F-I(W)(S) 1.3MP Mini Dome Network Camera, Part# DS-2CD2512F-I


-Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I 3MP EXIR Turret Network Camera, Part# DS-2CD2332-I


-Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP IR Cube Network Camera, Part# DS-2CD2432F-IW


-Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP IR Cube Network Camera 2.8mm, Part# DS-2CD2432F-IW


Samsung is one of the top brands we carry here at Super Tech Supplies, with many products to choose from you will surely find what you are looking for.

With a worldly recognized name and fame of great quality products , Samsung is certainly one of the options when shopping for electronics. With security being one of the main focus of the modern world and being safe one of the top priorities, people have to use devices in order to keep their home and/or workplace safe. That's why Samsung has strive to create safety cameras to keep your premises safe.

-SAMSUNG SNB-5000 1.3Megapixel HD Network Camera, Part# SNB-5000


SAMSUNG SNB-7001 3-Megapixel Full HD Network Box Camera, Part# SNB-7001


-SAMSUNG SNB-7000 3-Megapixel Full HD Network Box Camera, Part# SNB-7000


-SAMSUNG SNB-3002 4CIF WDR Network Camera, Part# SNB-3002


-SAMSUNG SNB-3000 H.264 Network Camera (WDR), Part# SNB-3000


-SAMSUNG SND-6083 1080p 60fps Resolution Network Dome Camera, Part# SND-6083


-SAMSUNG SND-7080 1080p 3MP Dome Full HD Network Dome Camera, Part No# SND-7080


-SAMSUNG SND-6084 1080p 60fps Full HD Network Dome Camera, Part# SND-6084


-SAMSUNG SND-3082F 4CIF WDR Dome Vandal-Resistant Network Dome Camera, Part# SND-3082F


-SAMSUNG SND-7011 1080p 3Megapixel Full HD Network Camera, Part# SND-7011


Image result for sony  surveillance cameras

With years of experience in the security market and known for being one of the top brands when it comes to technology Sony does not fails when it comes to assuring you top quality cameras to keep your office and home safe. With features such as :

  • Ultra-high sensitivity
  • Intelligent Cropping and tracking
  • Evidence shot for greater detail analysis
  • SD card recording - offers backup preventing data loss
  • Easy focus - set camera focus & zoom level through the web interface

and many more Sony guarantees to keep your premises under surveillance 24/7.

Browse through some of our Sony models and accesories here:

-Sony Four-channel network surveillance recorder with 1080p/720p HD recording using H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG, 1TB HDD. ~Part# NSR-S10/1T


-Sony SNCA-ZX104 4CH Hybrid Camera Receiver, Part# SNCA-ZX104


-SONY SNC-VB635 Fixed Full HD Network Camera with HD 1080p (60 fps), View-DR, true day/night, Part# SNC-VB635


-Sony SNC-VB630 Network 1080p/60 fps Full HD Camera - V Series - Powered by IPELA ENGINE Technology, Part (SNC-VB630)


-Sony SNC-VB600B Network 720p/30 fps HD Fixed Camera - V Series - Powered by IPELA ENGINE Technology, Part# SNC-VB600B


-SONY SNC-VB770 camera bundled with SEL70200G manual zoom lens, 70 to 200mm, F4.0 , Part# SNC-VB770/PKG3


-Sony SNT-EP104 4 Channel Basic Function Stand Alone Encoder, Part# SNT-EP104


SONY SNC-VB770 Camera Bundled with SEL35F14Z lens. 35mm, F1.4 , Part (SNC-VB770/PKG1)


SONY SNC-VB770 camera bundled with SEL70200G manual zoom lens, 70 to 200mm, F4.0 , Part# SNC-VB770/PKG3


Image result for grandstream logo

Grandstream has over 15 years of offering its services to the public. Founded in 2002 it serves the market of SMB and consumer with its SIP products. Grandstream manufactures different products which include:

-Video Surveillance

-IP phone and Video



and many more.

With each of its products Grandstream helps your office life better. Having products which are suited to help cover one of your office needs.

Grandstream GXV3672_FHD IP Camera, Part# GXV3672_FHD

Grandstream GXV3672_FHD IP Camera, Part# GXV3672_FHD


GRANDSTREAM GXV3672_FHD_36 Outdoor Day/Night 1080p IP Cam, 3.6mm, Part# GXV3672_FHD_36


GRANDSTREAM GXV3672_HD Outdoor Day/Night 720p IP Cam, 8mm, Part# GXV3672_HD


Grandstream GXV3672_HD_36 with 3.6mm Lense, part# GXV3672_HD_36


NEC offers a wide range of phones and applications that help businesses benefit from greater productivity. With in-building wireless systems, soft phones help-workers ,quick and reliable access tools, information, and individuals anywhere at any time NEC guarantees an easier and more fluent way of communication. NEC phones also provide businesses with a high level of flexibility when communicating through customizable options and advanced features available on its different types of phone models.

NEC Q24-FR000000126367 12MP 4K Motorized IR Vandal-Proof Dome, Exterior


NEC Q24-FR000000126369 12MP Motorized IR Vandal-Proof Dome, Indoor


NEC Q24-FR000000126370 12MP Fisheye, Exterior


NEC Q24-FR000000126371 3MP 36X IR Tracking PTZ Network Camera


NEC Q24-FR000000126372 2MP 20X Mini Network IR PTZ Dome Camera


Keep your security in check and browse through our top quality surveillance cameras.